Agile Shift Houston 2020 was a virtual event

Virtual Agile Shift 2020 was held in June, and it was a great success! Thanks to the great speakers who gave a wide variety of interesting presentations, and a special thanks to all of you who attended. You made Virtual Agile Shift 2020 successful.

Most of the presentations were recorded and you can access their video streams through the links below.

Virtual Agile Shift 2020 Presentations

June 1
The personal and career impact of Agile Adoption
Devlin Liles

June 2
Why On-time, On-budget Doesn't Work (Or: Measurement, Governance for Agile Leaders)
Patricia Kong

June 3
An Agile Journey (A Panel Discussion)
Christy Nolan

June 4

Beyond the Daily Stand-Up: An Intro to Scrum

Claudio Lassala

June 8
Getting to Better Problems
Tim Haagenson and Allison Pollard

June 9
Managing Kick-Ass Agile Teams
Greg Major

June 10
Extreme Situations Require Extreme Agility
Jimmy Strube

June 11
How to Think Like a Product Owner
Wade Pinder
Video stream not available

June 15
Teaching an elephant to dance - How we migrated our largest datacenter to Azure Cloud in 9 months and reduced running costs by 25%
Mathew Joshua

June 16
The Foundation of Business Agility: Feedback Loops
Todd Little

June 17
Remote Scrum Mastery - How in the heck do I do this?
Ty Crockett

June 18
The Other Way to Scale Agile: How you as an individual can incorporate an Agile mindset even if your org chart nodes disagree
Drew Shefman

June 22
How Agile Helps Drive Innovation at the Enbridge Technology and Innovation Lab
Seshadri Veeraraghavan

June 23
Growing Software Developers of the Future
Tim Rayburn

June 24
10 Agile Practices for Working Together, Remotely
Shannon DeMarco and Stephanie Smith

June 25
Innovation to Commercialization: Seeing the Potential for Innovation in all People
Karl Allen

June 29
The Future of Work: The Impact of Agile & Scrum on how the world works
Dave West

June 30
Five Things Leaders Should Know About Agile
Don McGreal

What is the Agile Shift?

The Agile Shift is returning to Houston again this summer. We’re bringing together all of the diversity in thought and experience the Houston area agile community has to offer for this one day event. In recent years, our region has seen a seismic shift in the number of companies who are taking on agile. And while it has predominately been a process to write great software, it’s increasingly proven to be a valuable tool for running the business. We are proud to be a part and a catalyst of Houston’s Agile Shift.

What to expect if you attend:

  • Networking with hundreds of like-minded professionals
  • Tracks and talks for everyone from beginner to expert
  • Best practices and lessons learned from business stakeholders who have gone agile
  • Learn how The Agile Method is being used in business and not just to build great software
  • Benefits of executive or organizational change to agile

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